Tanzania Gospel Tourism

Gospel Tourism in Tanzania, Kenya ,Rwanda, and Uganda.

Our goal may not be popular in this tourism industry, but we are committed to the spirit-led journey to offer you unforgettable opportunity as we will be visiting our National Parks of East Africa.

You will get an opportunity to participate in spiritual activities such as visiting a church for a conference and seminar, donating a love gift etc.

You will have chances to go around the churches, Mosques and Temples before or after your tour, and an opportunity to preach to people surrounding our National Parks and even inside the National Parks. By doing so, you will be showing the love of God to mankind.

We will also arrange for you to attend a mass for any church, Mosque or any Temple in order to facilitate in the faith you believe on. As mankind we are body, soul and spirit, we need also to attend the spiritual side of our being even on our time of relaxation as we watch the wonders and creation of our God.

If you are interested to Gospel Tourism, kindly send us an email and we will facilitate you with detailed information.

You’re Mostly Welcome to the World of Soul and Spirit!!

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